A Wrinkle-Free Wardrobe

Whether it is just a quick transfer to a new area in the mission or your flying across the world to the field, Sorella Bella has all the tips you need to keep your missionary wardrobe wrinkle-free and beautiful!

Roll Clothing

Rolling is recommended for more casual fabrics, such as cotton clothing. When it comes to blouses, fold the arms back so that you have a long rectangle, fold the blouse in half, and roll up from the bottom. This technique helps prevent wrinkles and also saves space in your suitcase (which is a must since you're traveling for 18 months), since rolled clothing can be packed tightly into luggage corners and sides.

Overlap Dresses & Pants 

When packing delicate fabrics and dress pants, minimize folding to prevent wrinkles. Place the bottom half of the dress in the suitcase and cover it with less-important clothing to form a cushion. Then fold the other half of the dress over the cushion. This is also a great way to protect fragile items. Your dresses, skirts, and pants will come out smooth and not creased in the middle. The overlapping technique can be used for multiple items. Simply layer the bottoms on the floor of the suitcase and do the same with the tops of the clothing over the cushion.

Pack Wrinkle-Resistant Fabrics 

If you don't have a specific article of clothing you must pack, stick to wrinkle-resistant fabrics like nylon, polyester, knit and lycra (Click the links for clothing in these fabrics). For missionaries who must bring dresses and skirts, try jersey. Even when not properly folded, jersey always looks good. Sorella Bella offers plenty of wrinkle-free clothing items that aren't just functional but also fashionable!