All You Need to Know About Dressing For Your Body Type

Modest dressing does not limit your fashion choices and neither should your body type. The best way to figure out what looks best on you is to figure out what category your body type falls under and learn how to choose modest outfits that will accentuate your positive attributes.

Recognizing Your Body Type

Every woman is unique, but there are five basic body types that she can fall under. There is also the possibility of being a combination of types. As you identify your body type and experiment with suggested modest outfit styles you’ll discover what looks best on you. Your bust, waist, and hip measurements will determine your body type. Use your measurements to determine which category you fall under.

The 5 Body Types

Pear: You have slim shoulders and wide hips.
What to wear: Choose statement tops that draw the eye upward and elongate the body

Inverted Triangle: Your shoulders and bust are broad and you have slim hips.
What to wear: Full skirts and pants will add volume to your lower half and even out your shoulders.

Rectangle: Your bust, waist, and hip measurements are nearly the same.
What to wear: Add volume to either your top or bottom half with embellishments to add distinction.

Apple: You have broad shoulders, a full waist, and thin legs.
What to wear: Structured skirts and pants that hit at your waist will elongate your legs.

Hourglass: You have a small waist with wide hips and shoulders.
What to wear: Skirts and pants that sit at your waist will define it and even out your top and bottom half.

Wearing What’s Best for You

Body shape guidelines are just that, a guide. If you find that a particular style of modest outfits looks great on you, then you should go for it! Suggestions for dressing your body type are meant to get you started in the right direction. If you’re ready to find some new modest outfits to accentuate your body type, check out Sorella Bella today!