Biking in Skirts

Alright ladies, some of you will be riding a bike while in the mission field, and some of you might see this as quite a predicament! Luckily, here at Sorella Bella we have some great options to keep your modesty, and your outfit, intact while you wheel down the roads spreading sunshine.

One thing to consider is the length of your dresses and skirts. Obviously modesty and style is a main concern with sister missionaries but safety must come into play as well. The best idea is to stay about knee-length, though if the skirt is slim and flexible, a midi-length can work too. The bulk of maxi skirts or full skirts can mean that they will find their way into your wheels. If you must wear a long skirt, we suggest tying it into a knot while you’re riding to keep it out of the chain and wheels. With fuller skirts like circle skirts, and a-lines, you won’t need to worry about them riding up too much on your legs, but tighter skirts with any spandex or stretch to them will creep up. 

A great option is pairing your skirts with some tights or leggings or our wonderful Split Slip! The split slip is perfect for bike riding and is a must-have for all missionaries. The split slip also has a lovely lace edging so if it is seen while biking it won't be an embarrassment, plus it comes in black and white!

A few other options are pinning the hems of the front and back of your skirt together between your legs to create "pants" and this will avoid any indecent exposure. Also adding weight to the hem with office clips is another method. 

We also had to throw in the tip of a bike basket, it's a must! Plus it can make for some lovely mission pictures! Have fun out there, be safe, stylish, and go serve!

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