Creating a Perfect Mission Wardrobe

If you have began the packing process for your LDS Mission then I am sure you have pondered the question "I'm going to wear the same 20 pieces of clothing for 18 MONTHS?!" Yeah, it is a terrifying thought ha! But luckily here at Sorella Bella, we have a few tips to help you extend those 20 pieces of clothing into HUNDREDS of outfits.

There are a few ways to go about this; you can go the simple route (which was my favorite method on my mission) of buying skirts that are one color like our Elegant Grace Skirt, Morning Glory Skirt, or our Pleated Skirt, then snagging yourself some fun printed tops to mix and match! We have tons of pretty patterns like our Pinstripes and Flowers Blouse, the Ditsy Dot Blouse, and the Regent Street Blouse. This is a fun way to be able to create dozens of outfits all from the same few essential pieces. This method can also be done visa versa by stocking up on patterned skirts and simple tops! 

Another route is to still mix and match your few pieces, this can be done with basic colors or lots of print, just make sure your smile is still the center of attention!

Below, I have taken the liberty of matching some of our pieces to create some lovely outfit inspiration for your days in the mission field, so be sure to check it out and you can thank me later!