Sister Missionary Clothing Q and A

I saw some posts you made on the Sister Missionaries: Past and Present (or whatever it is called) group and I wanted to know more about the clothes your recommend...Did I see that you are connected with the SorellaBella site too? I have looked on it some and it's super cute stuff! I am really in need of skirts and I am I guess considered "plus size" but short (5'5") so not sure fit and length wise what would be good matches. I live in a *tiny* town in WY and the closest malls are basically in Utah! I'm always apprehensive about online shopping when I'm not familiar with brands, etc...and I am just looking for some help! I am the only member in my family and of course the first missionary... So I'm a bit clueless! Thanks!

Hi Emily!

I actually own Sorella Bella so I try to stay up with sister missionary clothing. The important thing with buying online is knowing your measurements. For easiest fit, look at a-line or full skirts so you don't have to worry about hip measurement. Just measure your waist where you normally wear your skirts. Or, since you are shorter and can get away with wearing them higher, measure the smallest part of your waist and only order skirts that have that waist measurement or higher.

I wouldn't worry too much about length- if you get a skirt that is too long, hemming a skirt is an easy job. I'm sure someone in your ward sews and wouldn't mind adjusting the hem for you.

OK, now to brands. I, of course, recommend everything I have at Sorella Bella (use SHIP4FREE for free shipping).  Our skirts are all wrinkle-resistant and mission-approved lengths.   Here are some other brands that I think are fabulous: Talbots, Ann Taylor, Chadwicks (cheap!), Metrostyle (also cheap!), and  Fashion Specialists (you have to wade through some ugly/old lady stuff, but they have some really good deals on perfect skirts for missionaries so it is worth it).

For shoes, I love Clarks, Born, Dansko,  Hush Puppies,  Ecco, and of course Klogs.

Mission shopping is sort of hectic and crazy- but the great thing is that once you are done you don't have to worry about clothes for 18 months!