The Sisterhood of Traveling Skirts

There are many stories that a Sister Missionary’s skirt can hold. One girl can only bring a few, which will be traded, ruined, gifted, and loved by all. Pick your skirts with much care as they will be part of your new uniform for your 18 months of dedicated service.

Their fabric is spotted with not just polka dots or a lovely floral print, but also with the sweat of hard work, a few tears of frustration, and the warm water of a baptismal font. Their stitches strain against running legs, cross-legged lessons, and knees bent in fervent prayer. Their pockets hold bus change, full agendas, buzzing phones, and a lot of charity. 

Being sister’s in Christ allows us to constantly minister, love one another, and of course…share our clothes like any sister does. A skirt can hold many memories and will travel from companion to companion, over zone boundaries, and maybe another mission or two.

These skirts might not be the prettiest thing left in your closet, however they make the most thoughtful gifts. Many new sisters, after entering into the waters of baptism, will find themselves in a missionary’s skirt. Missionaries can’t always be knocking at your door, but now this skirt is a lovely reminder of a newfound friendship and love amongst sisters.

I encourage you to pass along your skirts not only with companions, but with new missionaries, a convert, or maybe just a new friend. These skirts hold so much joy, stories, and even a little of the Spirit you brought.

Sorella Bella has countless skirts that will become a part of the traveling sisterhood of missionaries, carrying our heads high, hearts on our sleeve, and mouths open to share the gospel. Be sure to bring along Sorella Bella’s wide variety of skirts that will be with you through it all.