Why Knee-length Is The Way To Go

At Sorella Bella, all our skirts and dresses are the perfect lengths to promote confidence, comfort, style, and modesty.

You might ask, “How will the length of my skirt help me feel confident and comfortable?”

As an LDS missionary your day may include biking, busses, and even a moto taxi! In each of these moments you don’t want to be constantly worrying about tugging your skirt down or the wind exposing you to all those potential investigators.

Missionary work also includes teaching in some of the ODDEST of places, from curbs, to cross-legged on the grass, and even the tiniest of stools. I cannot stress how difficult it is to perch yourself in the perfect position to avoid any indecent exposure. When your skirt or dress is at least knee-length you can focus on the people you are teaching.

Also, when your knees are covered it takes the pressure off of keeping your legs tied together, now, were not telling you to sit like a Sumo wrestler, but you can definitely relax and also feel feminine at the same time.

Now, I am going to let you girls in on a little secret…after a few months of missionary service, exposing your knees will actually begin to feel a little strange, just as it is to be called by your FIRST name, or NOT having someone by your side 24/7. 

Finally, don’t worry about the tan lines! It just proves that you were out all day doing the labor of the Lord.

Sorella Bella provides a variety of lengths, from Midi, to ankle, and everything in between so check out all our colors, patterns, and prints not just for the mission field but for all you beautiful ladies looking for a little more comfort and confidence.