Why Should I Wear Modest Outfits?

At Sorella Bella, we love providing beautiful, modest outfits at affordable prices. We believe it is a joy to dress modestly in ways that honor the church and our brothers and sisters.

Have you ever thought about why you choose to dress modestly? Here's a look at some of the reasons that may come to mind.

Because I've chosen to follow church doctrine

Wearing modest outfits to honor the established doctrines of the church is always a wise choice, but if we find ourselves unhappy with those guidelines, perhaps a little soul-searching is in order.

If you're uncertain about the doctrine of modesty, search your heart and ask:

Would I still enjoy wearing modest outfits if the there were no specific guidelines to follow?

When your decision to dress modestly is genuinely from the heart, church modesty guidelines will suddenly become a joy and not a burden.

Out of respect for others

What we wear says a lot about how we feel about others, both in the church and in the world. Wearing modest dresses, skirts, and blouses shows respect for the church, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and for younger sisters who may be carefully watching our behavior. When we combine modesty with a joyful heart, we greatly increase our influence and ability to further the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

To show that I'm a follower of Jesus Christ.

Modesty is so much more about our hearts than our outward appearance. If we chose to wear modest outfits just to please others, we're missing the point that our appearance reflects our hearts, and who we are truly are as followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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